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Small Business Internet Marketing

Small Business Internet Marketing

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Traveling a Rocky Road with Love, Faith and Guts: Traveling a Rocky Road with Love, Faith and Guts has a Book Trailer, Watch it Here!

Traveling a Rocky Road with Love, Faith and Guts: Traveling a Rocky Road with Love, Faith and Guts has a Book Trailer, Watch it Here!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Sales and Marketing Playing in the Same Sandbox

What the Heck is Sales 2.0 (& Why Should I Care)?   This post is written by Nigel Edelshain, CEO of Sales 2.0 (LLC) with a good sense of humor and relevant user-friendly analogies.

Sales and marketing DO play in the same sandbox, but as marketing opens the door - sales needs to "close" it and the deal.  He points out the ultimate requirement is the use of effective sales tools/strategies for best bottom line results.


Motivated Employees are More Productive Than Their Unmotivated Counterparts

As a small business owner, it is difficult to focus your energies in all the places they are needed when your  number one priority is the bottom line.  However, if you have employees who work for you, it would be in both yours' and your company's best interest to expend some of your energies on those employees.  Did you know that a motivated employee is more productive than an unmotivated one? 

Fostering a team mentality in your business will go a long way in your success. Team players work together towards a common goal. Why not make sure your employees are on your team?


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Iran Bans Gmail

Big News:  Iran Shuts Down Gmail, Announces National E-Mail Service


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Marketers Need to Understand the Power of Viral Videos

Green Buzz Agency is a strategic digital media company specializing in high quality Video Production Services.

"Organizations approach us wanting an online video presence, and typically choose the path of Client Testimonials, Product Demos, or something similar. Those are great choices, but the road less taken to brand loyalty is the Viral Video. WHY VIRAL VIDEOS?

1. Youth is still the magic demographic for marketers, and news flash, this generation of young people watch way less television than generations before. Millenials are too busy watching videos on YouTube. They typically don’t care who made those videos, or if they have an agenda, as long as the video is entertaining. If your company wants to boost its coolness factor while making a great first impression, then it is hard to ignore the viral video format.

2. They are cheap to produce. At least compared to other formats of online video or television. Weigh the cost of making a slick TV commercial with actors, a set, props, a big crew, and the ad time needed to air it versus twenty-five or so viral videos. Out of that large group of videos maybe you decide six will have a holiday shopping season theme, three a St. Patrick’s Day theme, and so on. This means you make a viral video whenever you want, which leads to the next point.

Read Marketers Need to Understand the Power of Viral Videos to find out more reasons why your business should use viral videos as part of your marketing strategy.

Thank you to Tod Plotkin for sharing his blog and valuable information.


Social Media Comedy


Monday, February 8, 2010

Branding as a Promise

A Brand is a Promise discusses the importance of making sure brands follow through on their promises. Greg Satell says: "Great companies build great brands by valuing their customers and wanting to make their lives better in some way". Read this post to see examples of big brands that hold true to their advertising promise.