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Small Business Internet Marketing: Why do I need to do Internet Marketing?

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Why do I need to do Internet Marketing?

Small Business Internet Marketing: Why do I need to do Internet Marketing?

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Why do I need to do Internet Marketing?

It amazes me with the year 2010 almost here, that there are still professional business owners who don’t understand the power of the internet, so when I came across an article by a gentleman named Nigel Peck, I couldn’t resist quoting his witty commentary:

"There is a common misconception amongst many people with regards to Web Sites and it is that as soon as you have a Web Site people will start looking at it, and therefore it will attract new business. This is not true.

My answer to this is always the same 'When you get a telephone does it start ringing?’ I won't insult you with the answer to that one. A Web Site is like anything else, for people to look at it they've got to know it's there first."

I read somewhere that even if a business owner truly doesn’t see the need for Internet marketing, just the fact that competitive companies in the same industry do have a web presence, in and of itself, is reason enough to make darn sure you are on the web too.

Seems pretty obvious yet it isn’t so obvious to many people. I have actually personally had a conversation recently with someone who wanted to write and distribute a newsletter. I am a big fan of newsletters, having run a non-profit association for years. It was my number one way of communicating with our membership on a monthly basis. I asked for contributions from members, ran “member of the month” contests and shared industry-relevant information as well as association news. So I definitely agree that newsletters are a great resource. However, this person I was conversing with, when asked how he would distribute his newsletter, responded with “there will be a sign-up form on my website.” Sounds great. Now how are people going to get to the website? He didn’t have an answer to my question. He didn’t understand or agree with the importance of Internet marketing. Good luck to him getting his newsletter out.

Then there are those entrepreneurs who do recognize the importance of Internet marketing but might not have the luxury of time or the resources available. New Horizons 123 was created with this population in mind. Baby steps for small businesses.

New Horizons 123

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At December 10, 2009 at 7:47 PM , Blogger Toby said...

Hi Julie, love the analogy to the phone, will be using it.

Build it and they won't come! Stuns me how many small businesses think marketing is the website, but I guess that creates a need for our businesses.

Here is the link to the first chapter of my new book on Amazon. Love to hear your thoughts



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