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Small Business Internet Marketing: "Analysis Paralysis"

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"Analysis Paralysis"

Small Business Internet Marketing: "Analysis Paralysis"

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"Analysis Paralysis"

I can't take credit for the term "analysis paralysis".  It was coined by Google Sniper in the comment section of Mike Moran's blog post Deciding What to Ignore in Internet Marketing, but it is very descriptive of what some people's reaction might be when faced with something they deem overwhelming. 

In the case of the Internet, the amount of "stuff" to do, especially social networking "stuff", can be so incredibly overwhelming that some small business owners, when trying to decide where to put their efforts, might become so intimidated that they do nothing.  Hence, the term "analysis paralysis".

Mike says "If you start by focusing on what you want your Web site to do for your business and you focus everything on helping improve the results of that initial goal, then you can try things and see how they work. Or you can take a look at something and say, "I can't see how that helps me towards my goals." Read Mike's full post here for some more very practical advice on how to handle Internet overload.



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